Monday, July 14, 2014

Such a Busy Year!

So it's been a while. We have been so busy this past year that there really wasn't time to blog. Not that what we did was just sooo fascinating that you are missing out.  Mostly it was consumed with building a new home. "So?", you may be thinking. Well, WE built it ourselves from the ground up. Clearing trees, dirt work, (one of the few things we had help with), plumbing, electric. Basically we did it all. So that didn't leave much time for anything else, Including a garden. But this year is different. I finally have the garden I always wanted!  It is so easy to care for that I have spent much of the  summer so far picking wild dewberries, blackberries, and sand plums. Especially the sand plums. 

I have made some jam and frozen most of the berries. I also made a cobbler ffor my dad on Father's Day. His favorite and mine too. With the plums I have made some jelly. Surprise there. Well, you're not surprised if you know anything about them. That seems to be all that people make with sand plums. I Googled them and that is almost all you can find recipes for. So I decided to experiment with a few things. My next few posts will be about all I have found to do so far with my sand plums.

Here are a few pics!  

Sand Plums

2 gallons of sand plums

Looking south

Looking west

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