Sunday, July 20, 2014

More Sand Plums

Because 4 gallons of juice is not enough, I went this morning and picked another 20 pounds of sand plums. I will have to get a picture of this thicker we were in. So many plums and most you just can't get to. If you have never been in a sand plum thicket, you can't imagine. They have some thorns. Not little thorns like a blackberry but lung ones. Usually not very sharp but they do hurt if one pokes you. You just have to be careful. Long pants are a must.  They also grow thick. The trees themselves are never ver big but you may have 5 growing in one square foot. Tough to maneuver in.  Bug spray is also a must.  Ticks, Mosquitos, flies, and chiggers. These are not a few of my favorite things.  You are walking through tall Johnson grass usually. Most of the trees I pick from are at the local park. They tend to be right on the walking trails. But the best plums are always out in the middle if fields. No one wants to go there after all. Almost no one at least. This morning we did. My friend and I picked close to 10 gallons of plums. She had only picked a few along her road before today. She was excited to get so many. We will be making jelly for her tomorrow. 

Si, even with all the juice and pulp I already have, I may just keep picking until they are gone. The drinks I made go quickly. I may need more than 4 gallons if juice. 

We're gonna need a bigger bucket!  


Beautifully red juice with this batch!

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