Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nothing but HOT!

That's really all there has been to blog about in the last several weeks.  We had 42 days straight of 90 degrees or above and at our house, just under 1/2 inch of rain during that time.  Our yard is brown as can be, except over the lateral lines for the septic tank, there it is still lovely and green.  The garden is okay, a few things have died, but it's been too hot to get out and do anything but water.  Finally, on Tuesday we got a break in the weather.  We got 1.6 inches of rain and it hasn't been above 85 since then  Monday it was 105.  What a difference 20 degrees makes.  It was chilly enough this morning that Jessica wore a jacket to work.  The landscapers have not been able to do that for a while.

The final verdict on the Topsy Turvy is in.  Don't bother!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Guineas ar Great!

We let our 8-week old guineas out of their house earlier this week.  What a difference a week has made.  I have no more squash bugs, they were beginning to take over, and the grasshoppers are disappearing like mad.  Before my basil was starting to be eaten to the nub, you couldn't walk through the yard with out a barrage of them flying at you and away from you, and they were crawling all over the place   No so much any more!  The little keets have been eating so many bugs that today was the first day in several that they ate any of their feed.  I will have to watch my tomatoes as they ripen, but it will be worth it!

First time back in the house this week

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Well, actually it is preserves.  Cherry jalapeno, to be exact.  It is really good.  I will have to make sure to not keep cream cheese and crackers around the house or I will eat all of this nectar of the gods.  Okay, maybe not quite nectar of the gods, but it is yummy!  Not that I tried it before it even had a chance to cool down, ummm.  Anyway, I think I have made all the jelly and preserves I am going to for this summer.  If I find a good deal on fruit I will just freeze it and wait until fall or winter to make those things.  It just heats up the house too much right now. 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Guineas, Squirrels, and did I mention it is HOT!?

Our Guineas are now 8 weeks old.  We decided to let them out of their little house to roam the yard.  They fly well enough to get over the fence, so we clipped their wings first.  Man, they are every bit as loud as I had heard they would be.  But I guess I would be too if someone were trying to cut off my arms.  Well, they seem to really love it outside.  At least there are plenty of grasshoppers for them to dine on.

Shade is at a premium right now!

For the last several years I have planted sunflowers.  Giant gray stripe are my favorites.  Usually in the fall the birds eat them bare.  I don't really plant them for us to eat the seeds, but more for aesthetics.  This year the birds however will not get to them.  The squirrels already have.  The flower and seed head were at least 9 inches across and they have taken all all of them to an undisclosed location and eaten them.  Oh well.  I would have like to have seen them dragging them off though.

Sorry little birdies

Oh yeah, it's hot.  Not just a little hot.  It's 102 at 6 p.m.  Yes, I know this is Oklahoma and that I should expect that.  I do, I just don't have to like it.  Looks like my pineapple does though!

It's sad to think that you look forward to 99 being a cool down

Lookin' good