Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sand Plum Whiskey Sour

Last sand plum post for awhile. Saved the best for last. 

Sand Plum Whiskey Sour

1 Cup good bourbon
1/2 cup sand plum juice
1/3 cup each fresh lemon and lime juice (Meyer lemons and key  limes are even better)
3/4 cup simple syrup (if you are making it for these specifically zest you citrus before you juice them and add to syrup)
Maraschino cherries

Put everything into a cocktail shaker (strain the syrup if you added zest) add 1 cup of ice and shake 30 seconds. Pour into cold glasses. Add cherry if desired and serve cold. 

For the redneck touch, serve in a wide mouth pint mason jar!

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