Thursday, July 24, 2014

More Than Sand Plums

Even though the sand plum picking is still really good, I do have my garden to keep up with. It is producing tomatoes right now, but not much else. The peppers, squashes, and cantaloupe are blooming profusely, but there seems to be very little setting. The green beans are doing fine. I should have planted more. 

We finally built some raised beds this year. We had a perfect spot at the new house to put Them. We set paver blocks between the boxes so it is virtually weed free!  Love it!  I will have to plant a few things differently next year. Like moving the asparagus to a perennial bed and moving the squash to the north rnd to get more sun. It may take a few seasons to get all the links worked out. 

My own little piece of Eden (just go with it)


Sweet potatoes

Peppers and asparagus

Squash, pumpkin, cantaloupe, and spaghetti squash

Rescue tomatoes. They were almost dead so the nursery just gave them to us.  

Obligatory sand plum pic. The ones I picked yesterday are big as quarters. The biggest I've ever seen. They'll be great for cobbler!

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