Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Plodding Along

Well,  there still isn't a lot going on in the garden.  Things are growing steadily, but not quickly.  The temperatures have been up and down so the cool weather plants aren't sure what to do and the hot weather plants are just wishing it would get hat and stay that way.  The only thing that seems to be unaffected is the grass.  We got the yard mowed this morning since the next two days are supposed to be stormy.  Notice the "we"?  Elijah helped me today.  The first time he's ever mowed!  He did a pretty fine job too.

I did have on place to weed, or maybe I should say grass.  The marigolds along the outside of the garden were starting to have company.  Not too bad yet, but Bermuda grass doesn't wait around too long before it becomes that guest that just won't leave!  I think I did as well as the ducks.

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