Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well, the strawberries are probably a complete loss.  The Topsy Turvy and Oklahoma wind do not go well with the strawberry plants.  I may plant some more, but I hate to waste the time and money.

The tomato plant seems to love the Topsy Turvy.  It has blooms already.  The peppers we are waiting to see.  Some are pretty wind-whipped and others seem fine.

I go most of the rest of the garden covered with hay.  I will have to get more to put where the okra and sunflowers are, but they are just coming up so Ill wait a little while.  All the rest of the garden has sprouted except for two of my lettuce varieties.  I'll give them another week to 10 days, then I'll plant something else in their place.

The rest of the yard and flower beds are doing fine.  I will need to respray with weed killer because the last round didn't do anything.  In a few weeks I will have to start spraying for grass burrs.  That will be an all summer battle that is wel worth winning!

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