Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Storms to Come

At least that is what we were expecting.  Since this was the case, I got out in the yard and garden and got some extra work done.  The garden is still taking care of itself for the most part.  I helped it along a little bit by fertilizing it and I dug up a few Bermuda sprigs.  As you may remember, they are a great evil in the garden!  That will be a summer-long battle for years to come.  The garden is doing okay, I have a small eggplant and a bell pepper.  There is one tomato plant in the garden that has blooms, but it is still small.  All of them are.  The plant in the Topsy Turvy is doing really well, as is the one in the bucket.  Since they are not in the ground, their roots are able to get warmer. They are both blooming.  The strawberries are finished.  If you are in Oklahoma, i would get the strawberry Topsy Turvy.  I may get some more and plant them near the garden.  We'll see.

Oh, it would figure, but my rotten potatoes from under the sink and the clearance marigolds that were almost dead are doing better than almost everything else.

I did a little work in the flower beds to.  I split my hosta.  It was so pretty before, but is was crowding out another plant.  Now it is three, not-so-pretty plants, but they should do fine.  I also planted some "Black Dragon" coleus.

Right now is the nice time in the gardens. The weeds aren't trying to take over yet, it is still fairly cool out, so even in the middle of the afternoon, it is still pleasant to get out and do what little work there is.  Where there is a lot to do in the yard.  Well, not a lot, but it does have to be mowed at least once a week.  That takes about 2 hours.  I was very happy to get it done yesterday before the rains came last night.  We got 1/2 inch and could get quite a bit more in the next few days.

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