Monday, May 10, 2010


Well, right now we are under a tornado watch.  Nothing unusual about that in Oklahoma, in May.  Hopefully we will not see any hail or tornadoes.  It is raining pretty good right now.  I think my rain gauge is up so I should be able to get a reading.  Oh, and my kids are jumping on the trampoline.  Trust me, I could be a much worse mother.

When you live in Oklahoma, you need to have a healthy fear of thunderstorms.  There was no lightning near us at the time, I would never actually let them jump if there was.

The garden is in a pretty slow stage right now.  My bib lettuce finally came up, but other than that, and the potatoes, nothing much seems to be going on.  I'm glad I didn't fertilize earlier in the day or it would be washing away right now.  There are some tornadoes on the ground in the area, but they are still a ways from us so I am not too worried.

Now they are in the house and even though you can't see it, there is some very light, pea-sized hail in this.

As I finish writing this, it has passed us and there is a tornado in Norman.  Now we are hearing that a truck stop in that area has been hit.  We hope there are no serious injuries.  We hope all in the area were listening to the weather.

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