Sunday, April 25, 2010

Something New

It's a cool April morning. A bit windy out, but this is Oklahoma. Yesterday we had a few showers so everything is nice and fresh. I was able to get all the hay put on the garden, but I will need a few more to finish it. It usually takes 6-7 to do it when we have it fill size (64x33.5'), so we figured 3 would easily do it. This year the garden is 32x33.5' Well, normally packed bales would do it. These were very loosely packed so they don't go nearly as far.

I found my mustard greens are sprouting, but so far nothing else. I have never grown mustard greens, but Jeff likes them so I thought we'd give them a try. Each year I try to grow something new. It may just be a different variety of something I always grow, like tomatoes, or something completely new to me. This year it is the greens, a Russian heirloom tomato called "Black Prince", and some white scallop squash.

This is probably the only way you should ever eat a black tomato.

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