Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On the First Day

Okay, I am definitely not trying to take the place of the Creator of the universe.  I am just a gardener who is getting started for the 2010 growing season.  So on this, "National Weed Day", I have gotten started on my garden.  Now the kind of weed I am concerned with is far different than the "weed" those who are supporting this day want recognition for, but I will fight just as had against my garden weeds as I will against what this day stands for in the eyes of some.

Now to gardening.  Last night we got our bags of garden soil arranged in the garden.  We will need 7 more to finish it off, but for the most part that is done.  How can I be so sure I will need 7 more?  Do I have some complicated formula to figure the yardage I needed?  No.  We are planting right in the bags.  It's just a form of no till gardening.  We have never used this method before, so we aren't sure how it is going to work.  That is one thing I will be keeping track of in this blog.  Another new thing we are doing is using a Topsy Turvy.  That is part of an experiment for our little boy, Elijah.  We planted one tomato in it and one in a 5 gallon bucket.  We will keep track of all kinds of things for that.  First bloom, first tomato, first ripe tomato, how many pounds we get, and maybe other things as well.

What's wrong with this picture?

No tilling required

Today we got the tomatoes and some of our peppers planted.  Then I put seeds out for the other things.  Here is a list of what we have so far:
Bell (red and yellow) and banana peppers
Romaine, leaf, and Bibb lettuce
Green and black beans
Yellow squash-crook and straight neck

Better Boy Tomatoes

Still to be planted:
spaghetti squash
bell peppers (orange and purple)
2 undetermined veggies

I have asparagus waiting to push through for the first time this season and lots of basil in pots on the deck along with chives that are blooming their round purple flower heads.  I will add to the herbs some rosemary, thyme, and oregano.  Maybe some parsley and a few other things.



We have several days forecast for thunderstorms so I may not be able to get back into the garden for a while, but the ard is mowed, the flowers have been fertilized, and at least some og the garden is in.

Patiently waiting their turn

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