Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life Began in a Garden

I love to garden!  I like to plant flowers and work in the yard, but what I really love is my veggie garden!  I'm not sure why I prefer it over the flowers.  Flowers add beauty and calm.  Some add fragrance that is breathtaking.  A beautiful green lawn is so relaxing.  To be able to walk through a freshly mowed green carpet in your bare feet is blissful.  But a beautiful, well-maintained vegetable garden is something to behold.  It will feed your family (I suppose you could eat your grass or pansies if you like), the smell of freshly tilled dirt.  The satisfaction of seeing a weed-free space that earlier in the day was not.  Whatever the reason, there is just nothing like having a successful veggie garden.

I am hoping to help myself to keep better track of what I do in my garden that works, the things that don't.  So I can remember the things that I planted and what varieties worked best.  I may even keep track of how much I harvest.  We'll see.

I'll keep up with my veggies, flowers, and lawn. 

So let's get started with guarding the garden.

In the beginning.

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