Thursday, April 22, 2010

Always A Day Behind...

...Not in what I have to do in my garden, but in what I thought today was. I thought that today was the 21st instead of the 22nd. No big deal. What is a little weird is that while today is Earth Day and I don't normally focus too much on it. Don't get me wrong. I do what I can to reduce, reuse, recycle. I try to be energy efficient (mostly to save money). We plant a garden, raise chickens and ducks, and do as much of that as we can reasonably do in an organic method. We are, however, far from being tree huggers. I guess the weird thing is some of the things I did today as far as the 3 "R's" go.

First, as I am planting my garden today, I remembered that we have an old laundry sink out in the chicken pen. For several years we have toyed with the idea of using it to wash up veggies and duck eggs. (Ducks don't lay in a box like the chickens will, so they are always covered in dirt and poo.) I went and got it and brought it up to the garden, now all we have to do is hook a hose up to and it will be great! I also put it on an old table saw base that was just junking up the yard. It was headed to the landfill.

Two other things I did are for the garden. That involves what I planted. I found some very nicely sprouted potatoes under my sink. We don't eat a lot of potatoes, so it seems we always have several go bad. So I just threw them in the ground. It's a little late to plant potatoes, but they were free and close to rotting. I also planted some onions. These were green onions that had gotten very wilted and so I threw them to the chickens. Guess what, I found something that the chickens won't eat. After a couple of days I decided to stick them in the garden as well. They still had the roots, so we'll see.

I also found a basket in the yard and planted some flowers in it. It sits nicely in the shade and I should get some nice wildflowers pretty soon.

So, as you see, I am not a tree hugger by any stretch of the imagination, but I do what I can, when I can.

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