Thursday, June 10, 2010

Guineas for the Garden

We got some guinea chicks yesterday.  We had actually tried to hatch 2 dozen under one of our broody hens, but we only got two from that.  Not that she didn't sit well or that the eggs were bad, but when you have three snakes taking turns lunching on the eggs and then the chicks as they hatch, you tend to not get very many.  We were lucky to find the two we saved.  We found the snakes later that afternoon when we (meaning Jeff) cleaned out the brooder.  Nice and fat on little chicks.  Our friend who had given us the eggs had chicks hatching out at the same time so we went and got a few more, so now we have twenty.  They are the cutest little things and very friendly.  We can pick them up and mess with them all we want.  We hope that will translate into them staying around the house and not running all over the neighborhood.  I just can't believe that they will grow up to be so ugly!

The garden is looking great.  We got the tomatoes caged today.  No wimpy little store bought cages for us!  We have tomatoes on the vine.  We also have some squash and peppers.  The okra is doing nicely as are the sunflowers.  We have blooms on the potatoes.  My granny always said, "When there are blooms on top, there are potatoes on bottom.  All-in-all, things are looking great!  I think my granny would be proud!

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