Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Grass is Always Greener...

...before July.  That can be soooo true here in Oklahoma.  It has already been hot and we are just now officially two days into summer.  We have had above normal temperatures for the last three weeks at least.  Not just one or two degrees, more like 7-12.  That translates into the mid 90's for this area.  There is little relief in sight.  Last night we watched huge thunder storms with crazy amounts of lightning move our way, only to get with in 10 miles and fizzle out.  The grass this morning wasn't even as wet as a heavy dew would make it.  It can get very hot and dry this time of year.  With our wonderful Oklahoma winds it can feel like a convection oven.  That's what the grass will begin to look like it has been in.  Now, an upside to that is I don't have to mow as often.  We don't water our yard since we have a shallow well.  There is plenty of water, but it starts to pull up a lot of mud if we use very much.  It is also about an acre of grass.  No, we just let it turn brown.  I enjoy it while I can.

Still green!

The garden so far is doing fine in the heat.  I have several peppers and eggplants.  The tomatoes are putting on quite a few, just waiting for them to get ripe.  The cantaloupe is about the only thing isn't doing much.  They are still very small.  The tomatoes in the Topsy Turvy are not producing.  I still have the same two tomatoes on there and no new blooms.  The same for the one in the bucket.  I will fertilize them today and see if that helps.  I have okra starting to come on and my sunflowers are looking good.  The mustard greens got away from me a little and the spinach has made its last bit for the summer.  My spaghetti squash vines are doing quite well, now if they would just produce some squash!

Checking in on the guineas
Squash bloom
Mustard gone wild!
Spahetti Squash
Sunflowers and okra
I don't think we will get anywhere near 30 pounds

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