Sunday, June 10, 2012

More Chard

I cut another grocery sack of Swiss chard this morning.  I need to get it frozen before it gets hot this afternoon.  Blanching all that will definitely heat up the house. (I still have the last chard to freeze as well.)  I got another good bunch from my broccoli plants.  I'm not sure if I am ready to pull them ar not.

While the mower was being repaired, we let the goats run the yard.  They stayed away from my flowers and garden for the most part, but they did finally find the tomatoes and gladiolus.  We put some smaller wire along the fence to keep them out of the tomatoes.  The gladiolus are just going to be gone.  I did however reap the benefits of teh goats eating away at the tomatoes.  They knocked off a few green tomatoes and we had that favorite southern delicacy of fried green tomatoes.  I had never had them before.  They were really good.  Kind of a pain and the house still smells like a deep fryer, so they won't be made too often.  Besides, I need ripe ones or salsa.

Drew, the dog, has become much more used to the goats and we actually have taught him to somewhat herd the goats.  I'll have to get video of that.  he is a German Shepard, so that is what he has been bred to do.  For no real training, he seems to be doing it quite well

So, I saw I had a visitor to the site from around my old stomping grounds of Elk City.  Someone from Erick, OK, home of Roger Miller. Howdy!

On a totally unrelated to gardening issue,  here is my kiddo with Kevin Durant before game 6 of the Western Conference Finals.  (He got to high five James Harden, The Beasrd as Elijah called him, as well!)  The Thunder beat the Spurs 107-99 to move on to the NBA Finals!  Thunder Up!

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