Monday, June 25, 2012

Like (Black-eyed) Peas & Carrots

Late June and the heat has finally arrived. Weatherman said the heat dome has set up and for the next week, at least, we need to expect 100+ degrees temps here in central Oklahoma. By this time last year they had been around several weeks and everything was turning brown. Thanks to some decent spring rains, we can expect it to stay green a little while longer. The garden is doing great and looks really good.

Mornings are the time right now to get out and do the garden and yard work. This morning I picked black-eyed peas and my purple carrots. These purple carrots are only that way on the outside. Once they are peeled they look like any other carrot. You can find them that are purple throughout. They look really nice canned and in your salads.

While it is still cool this morning I had better go pull grass burrs. I sprayed them a couple of days ago but a few were headed out already. Unlike me, they love this heat.

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