Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cleaning up

We got some of the garden cleaned out today.  I had a little help from Jeff and Elijah.  We pulled up dead sunflowers and waning okra.  All of the of  garden soil we had used to plant in were emptied into a pile to be put on the garden next spring.  We have decided to move it to the other half that we did not plant on this year so instead of spreading the soil on this year's plot we will add compost and chicken litter to it over the winter.  It should be nice and fertile by the spring!

Good dirt
Can you say, "Roasted marshmallows!"?

With all of the dead vegetation we pulled up, we started a base for our bonfire we will have next weekend.  The ash will make another nice addition to the garden.  The ducks are also running on it.  They will keep the soil loosened up and they will add their own bit of fertilizer too.

They make great diggers!

All was not just getting rid of the dead stuff.  I harvested the last of the okra and a few bell peppers that were left along with a couple of tomatoes.  There are still a lot of green tomatoes on the vines and they are still blooming.  There is no sign of a frost in the next week at least so we will see how many more will ripen.  Then I'll see what can be done with all the green ones.

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