Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mornings in the Fall

I think fall mornings are my favorite.  Some people don't like fall because everything is dormant or getting there.  The leaves change colors and while that is a beautiful sight, they do eventually dry up, turn brown, and fall to the earth below.  Here in Oklahoma, unless you have planted some rye or fescue, your lawn of Bermuda is now a crunchy brown.  If you have had a hard freeze the flowers are gone for the year and so is the veggie garden.  So far we haven't, so I have a few flowers hanging on and so are my tomatoes, still waiting for them to get ripe.  I brought my lemons, limes, and pineapples in for one night last week, but they are back outside.  I hoping we will get some much promised and much needed rain in the next couple of days. (That can also mean snow where we are going to be snowboarding in a couple of months!)

Back to fall mornings.  They are crisp and clean.  The air just smells cleaner.  You can be pretty sure when you step out into the cool air, that you are not going to have to deal with temperatures above 80, although this is Oklahoma and the upper 90's are not unheard of in October and November.  I've seen plenty of Thanksgivings at 80+.  That is another thing, you know Thanksgiving is near!  It is one of the few holidays I spend with my family and it has always been a favorite.

Here is what I will be doing in the yard for the next few weeks.  Raking!  If I have it my way, and since I am likely to be the one taking care of the job, I will actually wait another week or two so that more leave will fall and there will be fewer days of raking.  If others seem to think we need to get it done, then I imagine I will have several days throughout the next few weeks of raking and re-raking.  Right now it is way to windy to even try, but if we do get rain, then you have to let it all dry out again.  It won't happen today, I can tell you that!

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