Friday, June 24, 2011

This Week in the Garden

Really not a lot going on except for watering.  With 100+ degree weather forecast for all of next week, that's what my main focus will be on.  I have gotten a few yellow squash and chard, but not much else.  I do have two tomatoes teasing with a tinge of orange.  It looks pretty good out there.  we also trimmed several trees and burned the limbs along with some we had cut earlier in the year.  It had rained the night before and was as still as could be when we burned.  Figured we had better beat any burn ban that might be imposed.  Not greatly productive, but in this heat, who wants to be?

Lookin' good

Not even a 1/3 of what we burned.

Now that's a fire, too bad I didn't have any marshmallows :-(

My little pyro...

...who is also a monkey.


  1. I spent Wednesday burning as well. It seem like there is always a very narrow window for burning. You get everything lit and set ablaze, then the wind flares up.
    Your yard is incredible!
    Love the picture of the tree climber! :-P

  2. It's been windy ever since that night. Glad we got it done!