Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Pics to Come

We spent last Thursday and Friday cleaning up in the yard and planting some new flowers.  My veggies are rebounding from the guinea infestation.  Now, just to clear things up, most of my guinea info came from books and magazines.  They all tout the great benefits of them for the garden.  Well, I have solid proof that they aren't always beneficial.  Anyway, it was an experiment that will not be repeated.

We moved our brooding house (now the garden shed) a few feet and then we sprigged the area and spread some Bermuda seed.  Since we down-sized the garden, we put the fence back up and made an arch of sorts in the gate opening.  I'll grow some morning glory on it.  I'm still waiting for my sweet potatoes and strawberries to come in.   As soon as they do, 'll get them planted and then the garden planting will be finished!

I'll get new pictures posted  soon.

Oh yeah, I spelled broccoli wrong in my last post.  Just letting you know that I do know how to spell.

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