Thursday, May 19, 2011

Everything's Coming up Roses

Except that I don't actually have any roses!

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There's more than this out there, and it's all coming up nicely.
Monday we (my Nice friend and I) planted a few more things in the garden. My spaghetti squash seeds had arrived in the mail, along with some free cucumber seeds. In the top end of the garden we made a few hills against the fence and planted the seeds. They should be up in a few days. I also planted some morning glory along the arch we made in the gateway to the garden.
There are hills there, promise.
I was tired of waiting for more dill to sprout up as well as my parsley, so I bought some plants and added them to the planters. I also put in some cinnamon basil.  My strawberries came in the mail yesterday, so I filled the bed with them.. For now all I really have to do is water and feed everything.

Top pic-basil (and mushrooms I can't eat)
Middle pic-Italian parsley and dill (a few chives too)

Strawberry plants

Now that the guineas are no longer a problem, the broccoli and peppers are doing much better!  We are still waiting on the grass to sprout.

All those little specks-Bermuda seed.


  1. How's the garden growing? :)Seems like little is happening in the garden until you think back a month.