Monday, March 21, 2011

First Things First!

It's tilled!  Jeff got out in the garden yesterday and got it tilled for me!  We are just planting in the south half of the garden this year, last year it was the north.  The ducks ran on the south end last year and there was not a weed or sprig of Bermuda to be found.  Hallelujah!

This morning we got out there and spread around some soil amendment, cleaned up the tomato plants from last year, and let the chickens and ducks back on it.  They do a great job of scratching and digging the stuff around.  They also eat lots of grubs while they are at it.  We found a little snake and moved him to safer ground.

Doing what they do best!

No, we will not keep it as a pet!

Next we will test the soil and add anything it needs.  We have lots of chicken poo to use should we need to add it.  Then we will get it covered with straw to hold what little moisture in that there is.  That's not much since we are in a "severe" draught here in central Oklahoma.  Since last July I think we have had less that 3 inches of moisture.  That's including the two blizzards we when we had 6+ and 12+ inches of snow.

It's getting deep in here

Another thing we did this morning was put fresh straw in the laying boxes.  The chickens had scratched most of it out and we were getting broken eggs.  Now we should be okay and they seem to love it.  They are finally laying again. 

Happy ladies



  1. There is nothing like a hard day's work! Looks awesome. I can't wait until we get a chicken coop built! Mmmmm....fresh eggs.

  2. Fresh eggs, fresh veggies! Sounds like an omelet waiting to happen!

  3. Your yard looks so wonderful! You're going to have an awesome garden this year.
    You had a better experience cleaning your coops then I did ( I got doo doo in my mouth and even wrote about it on my blog, blec).
    Love the little snake. I do miss the little snakes. The birds gobble them up like candy, mean things.