Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sourdough: Days 2 and 3

Day 2

You can see the difference from the original mixture.  It is much more fluid and there are bubbles starting to form.  All I did today was take its picture.

Starting to look like starter

Day 3
Definitely a different look and aroma.  I don't know what starter is supposed to smell like.  It is not a yeasty smelling as I thought it might be.  I divided it up and fed one 1/2.  The other half I tested to see if it was ready to use.  According the the cup of water test it was.  What's that?  Take a small spoonful of the starter and put in a cup of room temperature water.  If it floats it is producing enough carbon dioxide to leaven a loaf of bread.  If it sinks, let it go a little longer. It floated and I started my first ever batch of English muffins.  The dough will rest for the night and I will make fresh muffins in the morning.


is it ready to use?

Yes, it is ready to go!

Has a nice, stringy texture

Dough for English muffins

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