Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beautiful Day to Work Outside

Today has been overcast and cool. You can't ask for better weather to work hard in the garden. It went from overgrown with wheat to completely cleaned out and it is half tilled. Chicken poo has been spread over all of it. (I made a pretty good dent in that pile.) I'm throwing in a picture of our chicken feeder that Jeff put together a couple of years ago. It will hold 2+ bags of feed.

We rearranged the fence a little this year, moving the entrance closer to the shed. We will attach a fate to the shed and grow honeysuckle or morning glory on the trellis.

I've got to get the landscape cloth down an then we will cover it with wood shavings from the cabinet shop.

Lots more to do, including the purchase of a couple of goats!

That's a pile of...
New garden entrance
Gophers!  UGH!
More before
And even more before-iPhone does not arrange in order chosen apparently
These are of the chicken feeder-concrete forms duct taped to the feeder and then hung from the ceiling

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