Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

With all of the inside work of deleavening going on, I had to get out and get my hands just a little dirty.  I don't have a lot of time until this weekend, so I focused mainly on my pots and barrels.  I am also not really sure about having a bunch of flowers in a yard with a 100 pound dog.  We'll have to see how that goes.  I will probably stick with seeds instead of more expensive plants for now.  I do want to get some creeping phlox in though.

On the front porch I just planted a few things.  You can see my dog in the background.  At least he doesn't dig.

Elijah wanted to plant some mint in the yard so when he mowed it, it would smell good.  Since it tends to take over everything, I told him we could put it in the barrel that had basil in it last year.  Then he can pick a few leaves and rub it in his hands and then fill them with water for a refreshingly cool drink when he mows. 

I managed to keep my pineapple alive all winter.  It could use some trimming, but at least it's alive.  The strawberries are blooming like mad.  I may get a few  more.

I have started a few things for the veggie garden, probably a little too late, especially with all the warm weather we have had.  But at least they are started.  I am also trying out a new-to-me product this year.  Sea Minerals FA.  It has several applications, including farm animal supplimentation.  I treated most of my seedlings (leaving some untreated for control purposes) with it, one pineapple, and my new flowers.  I also treated my irises, strawberries, and my front shade garden.  I will keep pictures posted of how they are doing.

Tomorrow we will mow, hopefully burn some more tree limbs, and get an area in the garden ready for broccoli.
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  1. looking great, Mel. I'm anxious to see how the Sea Minerals work!