Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Garden Clean-up

With our horribly dry and hot summer in 2011, I was all to happy to neglect the garden.  It seemed that the only things producing were the squash and the grasses and weeds.  I was not about to pull weeds in 100 degree heat.  I'm just not that young anymore.  (Although I am sure I still look it!)  When it did finally rain and cool off the veggies went nuts.  Of course this was right before the frost killed them and most tings went to ruin.  Now all those seeds are out there as well.  I look for a lot of volunteer plants next summer.  If there are any plants next summer. The weatherman says the jet stream pattern looks to stay the same.  Great!  Maybe I'll just manure and mulch it this year.
Tomato plants needed to come down.
Raked leaves and hay, too many weed and grass seeds to let it stay.  We will burn it later.
Still had some Swiss chard that was good.  Picked it for dinner!
Nice and clean

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