Monday, August 1, 2011


When it rains it pours.  Unfortunately that is not a literal statement.  As I type this, it is 10:45 a.m. and it is already 100 degrees.  It isn't even noon and I've already brought Elijah in the house for the day.  Also I had hackers in my gmail account so starting Aug 12, this blog will go private :-{  If you are interested, just leave your email in comments.  They don't go on the blog until moderated, so I will just email you and delete the comment.

Our well seems to be holding just fine, but we have cut way back on our watering.  The grass seed we put out earlier in June is now just brown and dead grass.  We may try again this fall, but if we don't get some decent rain, that will not be done.  we put soaker hoses on everything we want to try to save for the fall, but even that won't keep the blister bugs from decimating what is left.  I lost one tomato plant to a horn worm,  This worm is as long as my ring finger and almost as big around.  YUCK!!!  They will be having a date with Sevin this evening!  I don't like to use it, but I will not lose my garden to these creepy little bugs.  FYI, a blister bug won't bite or sting you but if you crush it and get the fluids on you it will cause blisters and if these break, they will spread.  Death to blister bugs!

One of the biggest I've seen

Cicada in my dead grass

black blister bugs and all their mess

So, right now the garden is looking okay.  Here are some pics.  I have lots of yellow squash and acorn squash if any one would like some.

Well, we have squash.

Sweet potatoes

Morning glory

still looks fine

Sun flower

they aren't a big as they should be

dead yard

They're hanging on

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