Friday, April 8, 2011

Guinea Eggs and More!

Our guineas are finally laying.  We've been getting 2-3 eggs from them a day.  I'm really not sure how many hens we have because they won't let us get close enough to be able to tell them apart.  We do have 9 total guineas.

Guinea eggs compared to a chicken egg

There are also other signs of life and renewal around.  My irises are starting to bud.  Last year I only got 2 flowers on them, but this year there are already about 3 times that many buds.  My strawberries are blooming and I already have a few strawberries.  My basil is poking through, finally.  I also have what I hope are cosmos starting to sprout.  It could be weeds or even dill (there was dill there last year), we'll wait and see.  My pansies and violas are looking good, although it is windy so you cant really tell from the pictures.  My broccoli is also looking pretty good.  My lime tree is starting to leaf out, so I guess I didn't kill it after all.  A Nice friend came to help plant that last week.  A couple have died, but it should still be early enough to plant some more to replace it.


A tiny strawberry

A cosmo?  Can you see it?




2 rows of broccoli
Basil.  No, really.

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  1. yay!! It's exciting to hear everything's budding, blooming and thriving (besides a few causalities).